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Interact Game Boy Color Protector (flawed) - Clear or Black

Regular price $7.00

A while back a friend on Instagram let me know about a warehouse in Downtown LA that was getting rid of their inventory of Interact Game Boy Color Protectors. We immediately drove down there and took as many as would possibly fit in my car. People REALLY wanted these so after posting about it on Instagram, they pretty much instantly sold out.

But we have some extra inventory! These Protectors had been sitting outside in the weather for who knows how long before we came along. They were sealed, but:

  • Some of the clear ones have some minor surface rust on the metal strap connectors.
  • The worst of the black ones have some minor warping (which should still fit your Game Boy Color).
  • We also opened some for this Instagram photo we took.

Basically this means we have: a) some clear protectors that have slight rusting, b) some black protectors with significant warping, c) some in similar or better condition with open packaging, and d) some black with little to no warping.

Please take a close look at the photos here—these are some of the worst contenders.

Order one for $7 or two for $10. Just add two to your cart to see the discount!

To be fair to everyone, you will receive a unit randomly from the category you select.

Protector availability is limited—once we run out, they're gone!

FINAL SALE (no returns/exchanges).