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*Waitlist* Send in your GBC for Backlighting – Backlight Mod (AGS-101)

Regular price $225.00

Already have a Game Boy Color and want to add a backlight to it? Send it in and we can backlight it for you!

Please note this service assumes you have a working Game Boy Color with a shell, buttons, and button membranes. We will machine the shell, clean the inside and motherboard, install screw brackets, new power LED, BennVenn ribbon, AGS-101 LCD, and assemble and test it all. This does not include custom glass “Game Boy Color Light” lens or custom rear sticker.

Upon ordering, you’ll receive an email with an address to mail your Game Boy Color to.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a waitlisted item, which means you'll be waiting for a while. I will be using the money from these orders to pre-order the new ribbons and parts necessary, so I can't offer refunds on these. BennVenn is working very hard, but he has a lot going on so the exact date on when I'll receive the ribbons is unknown but it should be weeks not months away. Thanks!