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*Preorder* Backlit Game Boy Color (Freckle Shack Mod) Choose Your Color

Regular price $255.00

Choose your color of shell, buttons, and lens. This will be a completely refurbished GBC motherboard with the new Freckle Shack LCD from BennVenn. These LCDs are higher quality than the AGS-101. They use less power and can be played in the dark as well as bright, direct sunlight!

These are very expensive and time-consuming builds and I put a huge amount of care into each and every one to make them feel as close to a real Nintendo product as possible. To me, this is one of the best mods you can do for a Game Boy and makes the Game Boy Color a truly great and playable system.

Be sure to include what color of shell, buttons, lens, and rear sticker you want.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a preorder item, which means I will be using the money from these orders to pre-order the new LCD and parts necessary, so I can't offer refunds on these. Next shipment of Freckle Shacks are due in late July, but it could be slightly longer depending on shipping times from China to BennVenn in Australia and then shipped to me in California.